Technology in the Workplace

Workplace furnishings must be versatile and adaptable enough to accommodate an impromptu meeting while still providing for individual adjustability and control over space. Integral to this flexibility is ample technology access and support. With tablets, readers, laptops and smart phones competing with traditional tools for office space, the need for convenient and abundant access to power is critical. Surprisingly there are several products available today to ensure your workplace is meeting the needs of your employees.


buzzi 2Buzzi




Buzzi Hood by Buzzispace

This product is a great way to provide you the privacy you need when leaving the office is not an option. The shape of the Buzzi Hood create an “acoustical cacoon” masking sounds from the surrounding area. In an office, this is a great way to keep your privacy without the distraction of others.


Orion Combo-Laptop and Tablet by Ergonomic Solutions Inc.

ESI armThe Orion Combo is a monitor arm that not only has the ability to hold your laptop, but your tablet as well. With the population of tablets and laptops exceeding the use of regular monitors, it’s a great way to incorporate your daily usage of your most popular tools. The Orion-Combo lets you put your favorite device to work in the workplace. And it does so in a secure and ergonomic manner. Your favorite Apple or Android device can now be used in the office with no fear of it disappearing. This is thanks to the secure tablet mounting bracket. It becomes a second screen that lets you use your desktop or laptop computer more productively.


Float Table by Humanscale

With the recent research suggesting that sitting is harmful to one’s health, height-adjustable tables such as Float are more essential than ever. Featuring a unique counterbalance mechanism, Float enables simple, one-hand height adjustment for ergonomic sit-stand usage, without an obstructive crossbeam, a cumbersome crank or electricity.



Share Lounge by Stylex

Share is an activity-based, modular seating system which provides serious flexibility and design. By seamlessly combining task and lounge height seating surfaces, Share qualifies for any environment where multi-functional use is critical. Share is completely modular so that endless configurations for both large open areas and small reception areas can have seating groupings for collaboration or privacy as needed. Share also integrates power so users may plug in devices as needed.


GoTo Tables by Peter Pepper

GoTo wall-mounted worktables use minimal space for maximum utility. Ideal for short term mobile multi-taskers or a connection space for focused tasks. The standing height work surface is offered with or without foot rail and wall panel for concealing the electrical wire way. Includes convenient hooks for messenger bags, purses and backpacks. For the average person on-the-go, this product is perfect for setting up a workspace in no time at all.